We use sterling silver (99% pure) in our all products, we use different size sheet on wooden structure. Commonly we use it in porch swings, regency chairs, tables, daybed, Victorian sofa set etc. Handmade silver furniture are not only use in household but also in offices, restaurants, and hotels. Silver furniture are mostly use in interior furniture, we also get some order of silver gift articles. We make great number of Victorian sofas in silver, these sofa sets have good features and qualities like fully carved(embossed), animal figures, royal design, great finishing, expensive look etc. We have some more relative silver products in our 'products' page. We charge silver price as silver's current price in INDIA, we give all material's details when customer need.



We make great number of white metal furniture, white metal is hard material compare with other material we use. White metal also called 'German Silver', German silver is named for its silvery appearance, but it contains no elemental silver unless plated. We use white metal in several products like regency chairs, living room sofa, door panels, and other wedding and gift articles. It is first choice of interior decorators and also lovable for households and offices. We supply white metal furniture to hotels and restaurants like dining chairs, dining table, coffee tables, bar stools, cabinets, daybeds etc. Most popular product of white metal is regency chairs, these chairs are cheap, in various design, with arms, without arms, and more features.



Bone inlay furniture are one of the most beautiful products we make, bone we use in our products is camel bone( no camel harms, we use only natural dad camel's bone). Some popular products are Bone inlay chest of drawer, bone inlay chairs, bone inlay tables, and bone inlay gift articles etc. We give various design to this product, bone inlay work is very hard and caring work so we have experience craftsman. You can give luxury look to your house, hotel, office, and restaurant with bone inlay furniture. Most popular product of bone inlay is chest drawer, we make 50% of bone inlay drawers, you can see the beauty of this product in our 'products' page.



M.O.P. (Mother of pearls) is a kind of shell or seep located in sea, it is a expansive handwork, designs we give to MOP is handwork so we have to take care when we work on it. We have good number of MOP furniture like MOP drawers, chairs, partition screen, boxes, tables, gift articles etc. It is different with compare of bone inlay, bone inlay work is pure bone work and MOP looks different like it shine and give beauty more then bone inlay, it is expansive more then bone. Most common product of MOP is drawers, cabinets and chairs, we make these in great number. For more details about MOP products plz contact us on or go to 'products' page.


coffee table

Brass is hard as white metal and it is also available in different sizes, brass products closely belong to traditional furniture. In brass material we make chairs, daybeds, door panels, boxes, tables, thrones, wedding articles, gift articles etc. The brass furniture look heritage, royal, and beautiful. Some time we use it with other materials like with white metal, with silver, with bone inlay, with meenakari etc. We supply brass furniture to households, to hotels, to offices and to restaurants, but mostly to households. You can also suggest your combination like brass with metal, brass with meenakari or brass with bone inlay.



Meenakari is one of the most popular in handicraft furniture, It has been used since 18s by India. We export these meenakari furniture in all major countries like in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada etc. Some popular products of meenakari is daybeds, boxes, gift articles, dining chairs, chowki/bajot, wedding accessories etc. Most popular product of meenakari is dining chairs that has it own features like it is a longtime usable product, cheap in price, easy to maintain etc. We supply our meenakari furniture for hotels, restaurants, resorts, offices and mostly for households. For more detail contact us on or log on to owr page

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